Nutritional Counseling

Like humans, what your pet eats is very important. A balanced diet and good nutrition isn’t just necessary for maintaining a healthy weight, it also plays a crucial role in managing and treating many diseases and disorders, as well as support your pet’s skeletal structure, muscle tone, teeth, immune system, skin and hair, and brain function.

There are many supplements and fad diets that claim to provide benefits. It’s difficult for untrained owners to wade through all the information that is available to make the right choices for your pet. Whether your pet needs to lose weight, or suffers from illnesses like cancer, liver disease, kidney stones, diabetes and even some skin conditions, or is an older pet, your Gully Animal Hospital veterinarian can assess your animal’s diet. Our veterinarians can determine how best to address any number of special needs, from weight loss or weight gain, digestive issues, deficiencies, or other conditions, to keep your pets active, healthy and strong.

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